this is so important.

you fucking asshole.

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Me throwing shade when I’m 80, 

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Proof that sometimes even wild animals are nicer than some people

Cats, cats, cats

Buddy’s Pup on a Backpacking Trip

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Continuation of this!
I’m rather proud because I usually tend to start quite too late and get all stressed out, but this time I actually managed to finish my costume without any halfassed night shifts (I don’t really do those, I need at least 4 hours of sleep) or leaving some details unfinished. Also I’m quite pleased with how my first ‘big’ weapon that I had to built all by myself turned out. It could be better, but well. I guess it works as a ‘first timer’.
I still do feel more comfortable with sewing.
However, I’ll have to get up at 5 am tomorrow to catch my bus and I’ll be off to another convention (AnimagiC for my German/Swiss followers C;). Ryuko will be my costume for Sunday and I’m so looking forward to it!

PS: Because of the convention there won’t be a ‘Awesome Friends Feature’ on Friday, I’m sorry. :C My next ‘victim’ just didn’t have the time do it - it’ll come up next week for sure!